Buy AdBlue

Modern efficient Diesel vehicles can require an additive to be added to the fuel.  This is known as Ad Blue.  You generally need to top up the Ad Blue like you would the oil in the car, however, this is on a more frequent basis. Tickenham Garage can include topping up your Ad Blue as part of any garage service or you can pop in for us to top it up at any time.

We sell Ad Blue in 4.0l starter kit and 10l containers for you to keep at home, to top up as and when your car advises it needs it.

Adblue is especially designed additive, developed for diesel engines with a SCR system. The main ingredient in Adblue is Urea & Water which is injected directly into the exhaust gas to reduce harmful NOx emissions and meet the Euro5 and Euro6 standards.

Order your Ad Blue today by calling 01275 852035 or by using our contact form below. We usually have stock available for collection within 60 minutes of ordering.