How do you improve the efficiency and running of a car? Well, with Tickenham Garage, it can be quite simple. Carbon Engine Cleaning.

Tickenham Garage have invested in world renown equipment to allow us to clean our customers engines and fuel systems to ensure that they are running as efficient as possible.

Utilising our equipment, our Technician will look at the engine, fuel system and other areas to diagnose which would be best to clean. Sometimes we do all at the same time. This removes nasty deposits that will have been left behind over the years of running and bring the system back to its former glory.

Cleaning the engine and all the little tubes that are inside it can restore performance and the economy of the vehicle. It helps to ensure that there is a clear opening for both air and fuel, enabling the car to run in a more efficient manner.

If you have a Diesel car that has failed its MOT because of emissions, check out our Diesel article.

To book your car in for Engine Cleaning or DPF Cleaning, please contact our team on 01275 852 035 or contact us through our contact form.

We use BG Products to aid our cleaning equipment. Check out some videos below that give further information about our engine cleaning services.