Car Servicing at Tickenham Garage
Servicing your car is a vital part to maintaining the performance, longevity and economy of the vehicle. Cars should be serviced in line with the manufactures specification or dependant on the number of miles you are travelling each year. At Tickenham Garage, we service all makes and models of cars, including commercial and performance vehicles.

What happens during a car service
A car service checks the important areas of the car that help prolong the life of the vehicle. During a service, your car will usually always undergo a oil and filter change and then dependant on what is required, additional work such as replacing spark plugs, fuel filter, air filters etc.

Different types of service
We offer bespoke servicing packages for every car. We can provide a fixed price service for the following
1. Interim service
2. Annual service
3. Full service
However, we prefer to simply service what is required which can often work out cheaper than booking a service package with us. We will look at the history of the vehicle, what was completed in the previous service and advise what work needs to be carried out. If your car is under guarantee with the manufacturer, we will carry out the service as per the specification of the servicing record.

What products are used during a car service?
We only use reputable parts during your cars service and will not use second hand or unknown brands. We will often provide you with different options of the parts that we are able to use, displaying the cost for both options. We only use Shell Helix Oil, unless your car requires a specific oil. Shell is known to be one of the leading oil brands world wide, and as such, is our product of choice for all oil servicing requirements.