DPF Faults – Restore Performance – Increase Efficiency –  Reduce Emissions

Our vision is to enable customers to be able to achieve improved efficiency (MPG), remove faults from the car linked to DPF issues and ultimately increase the performance of their vehicle. This is all at a very cost effective price.

Alternatives to DPF cleaning when you have a DPF Fault, can be replacement, this in itself can be a very expensive process and not one that the majority of customers chose. We aim to provide a five star service to all customers, private & trade, please contact us directly if you are a trade customer with multiple cars needing a DPF issue to be fixed.

Our technicians are happy to talk you through the process and show you before and after photos of your DPF & engine to visibly see the difference.

Services We Offer

  • Engine and DPF System Flush – Our industry leading equipment will steam clean and remove the carbon within the inlet manifold as well as the EGR Valve, cleaned all the way through to the DFP
  • Diesel Intake System Clean – Our technicians will remove carbon from the intake manifold and EGR system, allowing full flow of air into the engine.
  • Petrol Direct Injection System Clean – Most petrol cars are Direct Injection, problems are common within these vehicles especially with MOT Emissions failure and reports of high fuel consumption. Our system clean can reduce emissions as well as increase fuel consumption.

We are experts in diagnosing and repairing DPF Issues with Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, Skoda, Seat, Volvo, VW & Many other manufactures.  Specific training has helped to make us DPF Fault specialists & able to ensure customers get the best result in the shortest and most economical way.

We know that understanding options for DPF Faults can be confusing, please contact our team on 01275 852 035 who will be able to provide you with all the information that you need to make a informed choice.