What is an Air Conditioning Recharge

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A car air conditioning unit will lose approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year. Recharging the air con means replacing this lost refrigerant with new clean gas. This procedure is sometimes known as an air con ‘regas’.

In most cases, manufacturers recommend you service your vehicle air conditioning every two years. We recommend Anti Bacterial treatment as well to ensure that the air is nice and clean!

An Air con service includes:

  • Air con refrigerant recharge to manufacturers’ recommended levels using professional regassing equipment
  • Replenishment of system oil, removing of old oil if necessary
  • Thorough checks for leaks, performance and temperature by Fully Qualified Technicians
  • Checks for moisture and air from system

If your system needs anything repairing, such as leaks and failed components, these are not included in the cost of a service and you’ll need to have these fixed separately. We can often do this during the same day.