Buying your next Car – helpful tips

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Get the best deal when shopping for that new car

Buying a new car can be an exciting time for individuals and families together.  This month, James from Tickenham Garage informs us on the latest trends in the motor industry and how to get the best deal when shopping for your next vehicle.

We have noticed a shift in the trend of second hand motor sales over the past 12 months, with a drive towards customers requesting a make and model of vehicle from us rather than “window shopping” for their next car.

Customers are more informed than ever with the rise in vehicle trading sites and free to access public information about each make and model of car.

A recent study conducted by our finance partner confirmed that the purchasing time for customers during the first part of 2017 was 21 days for individuals that went to a dealership and asked for advice/requested a vehicle, compared to 41 days for those who searched online and 43 days for individuals looking in the local printed media.

Financing a new car can help you budget your monthly out goings rather than having to part with a larger amount of money in one go and with the rise of new finance products on the market, customers have a much wider choice in terms of budget and leasing options.

Products are available for both customers with great and poor credit scores. Finance companies look at each application and can usually find a product to suit most individuals.

When looking at buying trends nationwide, 56 percent of customers say that the engine size was one of the biggest deciding factors in their next vehicle, with 52 percent saying it’s the manufacturer.

Utilising an independent dealer can assure you the flexibility in the make and model of your next car and it also helps you to get the car that you want.

Tickenham Garage is a local, family run, garage endorsed by the AA and Which? for products, services and aftercare.  Tom and Sam can assist you with your next purchase and supply you with a variety of purchase options.