Car Air conditioning re gas – what are the options?

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Let us take you back to 5 years ago… in 2015 there was mainly one type of air conditioning gas used within all makes and models of car. This gas was called R134a. Due to the number of cars using this gas, it was relatively cheap for garages to be able to top it up within your car to make the air cooler and the air con run effectively.

In 2015, slowly, manufacturers started to introduce a new type of gas into the air conditioning units, this was because the new gas did not effect ozone and is not classed as a greenhouse gas. This allows the manufactures to show they are contributing to reduce the effects on the environment through the reduction in greenhouse gases. The new gas is called R1234yf.

R1234yf is still not used in enough vehicles to have brought the price down to a level near what the previous R134a would cost, however, over time, we have seen a reduction already due to the increasing demand.

Tickenham Garage have the facilities and products to be able to re gas both types of car from July 2019. To obtain a quote for your car, please send us a request using our contact form.

We have the required equipment to diagnose all faulty air-conditioning problems, as well as cleaning the system to ensure that the bacteria that can build up in the pipes and vents is removed.

We look after customers within the local and surrounding areas to boost their air conditioning within their cars. Covering Nailsea, Portishead, Long Ashton, Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.