Diesel car failing emissions test under new MOT Rules

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Reports across the UK of an increase in the number of diesel cars failing their MOT Test because of high emissions are coming in fast. Here at Tickenham Garage we have specialist team members and equipment to diagnose and assist with reducing high emissions on cars fitted with DPF’s.

Historically, some garages would have advised you to remove the DPF (DPF Delete) which was to stop the car from becoming blocked and or fault codes / engine management lights from coming on. This is NOT LEGAL and a car will automatically fail an MOT if the DPF has been removed. See  the DVSA’s advice here.  For drivers, the penalty for driving a vehicle with the diesel particulate filter removed, are fines of up to £1,000 for a car or £2,500 for a light goods vehicle.

Diesel cars can become blocked up and hold a high amount of soot in the Diesel Particulate Filter, using extremely clever equipment, we can clean through the engine and the DPF, helping to reduce the residue inside the car and aiding a reduction in the emissions that are being pumped out.  We are also able to install Diesel Particulate Filters into vehicles that have had them removed in the past. Without one, your car will fail its MOT.

Variety of options are available for cars and vans alike, we bespoke each solution to the car after diagnosing what could be the cause of the high emissions or MOT failure. Please speak with our servicing team for a bespoke solution.