Driving styles that could be damaging your car

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Many of us do them – but did you know that they could be damaging your car?

Owning a car can be a costly exercise if you are not looking after the car properly. MOT‘s, servicing, insurance and all the other associated costs with running a car can add up over the year.

But… you could be causing damage to your car without even knowing it… check out here.

If you think you may have an issue with your car, get in touch with our team, they have over 80 years experience between them and can quickly diagnose any problem you may be concerned about.

Placing your hand on the gearstick whilst driving
Who would have thought it!? Placing your hand on the gear stick can cause unnecessary weight to push down into the gear selectors, this can result in damage to the selector and make it wear down quicker than it should. Get that hand back onto the steering wheel!

Putting too much weight into your vehicle
Putting too much into your car can cause excessive wear on the suspension, brake, tyres as well as reducing your fuel economy.

Placing your car into reverse before you have fully come to a stop
Especially if you have an automatic car, this can become fatal for the gear box. Changing the cars gear before it has come to a complete stop can cause the gear box to wear very quickly. Ensure that the car has come to a complete stop before you change gear. This applies to both manual and automatic cars.

Driving over speed bumps over the advertised limit – or even at that limit
This can cause damage to the suspension of the car. Ensure that you go over speed bumps as slowly as you can. This will prolong the suspension of the car. It can also cause you to crack your wheels or damage your tyres if you travel at speed over the speed bumps.