Fiat and Hyundai servicing in Bristol and North Somerset – Simonstone

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Following on from the extremely sad news that Simonstone Bristol & Weston Super Mare closed at the end of 2019. Tickenham Garage is able to help customers who may have previously visited those branches.

We are approached by multiple customers asking about servicing for their vehicles since the closure. Tickenham Garage is able to offer servicing, MOT and manitenance to any customers that have previously taken their cars to the two branches that have now closed.

If you have a vehicle that is still under manufacturers warranty, we can also conduct all servicing as per the required standards to maintain your new vehicle warranty. This also applies for any other brand of vehicle. You wish to take advantage of the cost saving that an independent garage can offer you over the main dealerships.

Whether Fiat, Hyundai or other brands of vehicle, if you would like to find out more how we can keep your servicing up to date at a very competitive price, please get in touch today.

Link to external news article about the collapse of the two branches can be found here at Bristol Live.