Free Tyre Checking Service

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Over the past year, Tickenham Garage has observed a rise in cars visiting the workshop with defective tyres.

Defective can mean that the tyres are worn below the minimum legal requirement or they have excessively deteriorated which is caused by a breakdown of the tyre structure.

The most common reasons for tyres wearing out quickly or not wearing equally on both sides of the car

are incorrect wheel alignment and incorrectly inflated tyres.

In the UK there is a legal standard that the tread of the tyre must meet and this is 1.6mm. Ensuring that your tyres are inflated correctly and aligned as they should be will reduce the frequency that you need to replace them.

Another issue that we commonly find for owners that drive less frequently is that tyres deteriorate with age

and experts recommend tyres to be replaced every five years regardless of the wear on them. Tyres will deteriorate with heat of the sunlight (UV rays) and rain.

The most common sign of a deteriorated tyre is cracking to the side walls or within the tread pattern.  This is frequently seen in vehicles which only cover low mileage or occasional use vehicle to

include trailers and caravans.

The maximum penalty for an illegal tyre is 3 penalty points and a maximum £2500 per tyre which could result in 12 points and £10000 for four illegal tyres.

Having your tyres checked by a professional can help you to remain safe on the road and reduce the risks of penalty points or charges for incorrect or illegal tyres.

Tickenham Garage offer a free tyre safety check to ensure your tyres are legal and you will get the most from them, we offer advice on how to spot a tyre that may need changing due to wear or deterioration.  Drop us a call to book your free tyre check!