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Headlights are one of the first parts of the car to be hit by stones when driving, they can become damaged after harsh driving conditions or unexpected chips from items on the road. Checking them regularly is good practice to ensure they are not broken and water is not leaking into them. This goes for the other lights around the vehicle as well.

Headlights can become out of alignment from shocks and vibrations on the road, having them checked by a vehicle technician can ensure that they are safely secured to the vehicle and adjusted to the correct direction. If a headlight moves, it can point into the direction of oncoming vehicles and cause them distraction when driving.

Many newer cars have auto lights, meaning they will turn on when the light outside reaches a lower level. For cars that do not have auto lights, we advise turning them on as soon as reduced daylight occurs.  Some drivers choose to leave their lights on all the time, there is no problem with this and it can reduce the risk of forgetting to turn them on when the daylight dims.

Its good practice to check all your lights around the vehicle each month to make sure they are all in working order & have no major chips on the casing.

Here are Tickenham Garage, we offer a free light check for all the lights on the vehicle and can provide you with helpful tips on keeping them clean – pop in and see us for your free check!