Motoring Tips – Air-conditioning service

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It’s on those beautiful summer days when we really notice the benefit of having air-conditioning within our vehicles. That is, of course, if the system is working to its full potential.

We see many customers who notice that, after a while, the air that their car delivers is not as cold as it once was.

To improve the quality, temperature and maintain the air con system, a service is suggested every two years or every 30k miles by the leading motor professionals.  Without having the system serviced, your system will not work to its full potential.

The benefits of having air conditioning is that it provides efficient cool air in the summer and in the winter it provides warm dehumidified air, which easily demists steamed up car windows.

Air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne particles, which keeps the air in your car clean and can also help with drivers and passengers who have allergies. The air conditioning in your car can provide a pleasant and odour free environment at all times.

During an air con service, we remove the old gas in the refrigerator, clean out the refrigeration unit using anti-bacterial solution to ensure no build-up of bad bacteria and then refill the system with new gas to bring it back to the desired pressure.

Once complete, the system will deliver cooler and cleaner air from the moment you drive away.

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