Summer Driving Advice

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As we approach the summer holiday season, there will be a large increase in the number of families travelling in their cars. This month, Thomas James, Director and Owner of Tickenham Garage, provides readers with some handy tips to make your journey safer and hassle-free.

Summer driving can be, in some cases, more difficult and troublesome than winter driving. The roads are busier, especially during school holidays, on airport and port approaches, and in and around popular tourist destinations.

The risk of the car over heating increases during the times where you’re travelling at lower speeds, in traffic, or even stationary on the M5. Before you set off, check your coolant reservoir, look for wet or white marks on coolant hoses and listen for the fan when your engine is idle

When stopped for long periods of time, there is no harm in turning off the engine to let it cool down slightly – you can also save some fuel.

Tyres – High temperatures and under-inflation exacerbate existing damage and weak spots, increasing the risk of punctures. Before setting off, check tyre condition and pressures on your vehicle, as well as anything you might be towing.

Fuel efficiency – close windows on the motorway to reduce drag and start air conditioning when doors and windows are closed, turning it off when the car has cooled. Also, increase tyre pressure if you’re carrying extra passengers.

Glare – keep glass clean, repair scratches and chips, and wear non-light-reactive sunglasses.

Lastly, in the most unfortunate of instances, you may need break down cover. Tickenham Garage offer a Recovery Service within 40 miles of our garage, but quite often cars break down away from home. Making sure you have the correct cover will support you on your journey if you do break down.

We take a lot of customer’s vehicles in for repair through the AA Recovery Service. Check your bank and/or insurance paperwork, as you might be covered without having to buy an additional policy.