The AA call for enhanced safety rules around breakdowns

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The AA today have called for a enhanced safety rule to protect road users as well as recovery patrols working at the side of the road.

After there were several serious incidents involving the AA Staff and including the death of a RAC roadside technician, they have contacted to the Road Safety minister calling for a “slow down, move over” rule when drivers on the road are passing a broken down vehicle or a recovery vehicle with flashing amber beacons.

The AA has previous written to the Road Safety Minister suggesting changes to the Highway Code which enabled learner drivers to be able to have lessons on motorways.

The AA and other breakdown organisations are campaigning for rules and regulations to assist with the safety of their staff, customers and their vehicles when broken down or in need of assistance on the road side.

President of the AA, Edmund King said “Standing at the side of the motorway is a frightening experience, but our patrols rescue stranded motorists daily in all weathers. Unfortunately their safety is being compromised by some who drive too fast and too close”

“Slow down, move over is not a difficult request, but this simple act of kindness will make a world of difference to vulnerable drivers, patrols and road workers alike.”

Tickenham Garage have our own recovery service for local breakdown and recovery requirements. You can contact our team on 01275 852 035 for further information. We whole heartedly agree with the AA’s campaign for changes in the rules and regulations around broken down vehicles.

*Source,, Press Release, 11th October 2018