Winter driving – is you battery ready?

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As the winter months are getting closer to us and we notice those cold crisp mornings, its key for drivers to ensure that their vehicles are prepared for the colder & adverse weather driving conditions.

This month, Thomas James from Tickenham Garage advises us on how to avoid battery problems.

Batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdowns.  They can die at any time during the vehicles usage, but are more likely to drop out when temperatures drop.  We have an increase in the number of visits to customers homes between November and March – many of them battery problem related.

Colder weather can cause a battery to reduce in power output, run down faster due to the increased usage of power because of wipers, heaters, screen heaters etc and have a reduced ability to accept a re charge.

Battery problems can be avoided, having them checked for any leaks, terminal security and condition can save you on those mornings when the car wont start!  Twickenham Garage will also check your battery with testing equipment for functionality and health.