Winter Motoring – FREE Checks

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Driving in the winter months can put strains on our driving style as well as our vehicles. Ensuring that your car is ready for winter driving is important for both safety and comfort.

Tickenham Garage offer FREE Winter Health Checks, where our AA Certified mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is safe for the winter driving that we are going to experience as well as offering any helpful tips or recommendations to make your car safer / more comfortable. They will conduct a strict check whilst you wait and feedback all their findings within the appointment.

During November and December, should you look to change your tyres to a Winter version, we are offering 10% off when you quote TYREWIN10. Please note, the discount can only be applied when tyres are ordered directly by calling our servicing team on 01275 852035.

Please note, availability for Winter Health Checks is shrinking due to the number of bookings from our advert. Please call ASAP to book yours into the diary.